Since it is a logical (and time-tested) format for hand-crafted textiles, wearable art has been an important facet of my work from the beginning.  In search of an authentic means of realizing and communicating my personal aesthetic vision. I am engaged in a regular and on-going exploration of a range of textile and fiber processes and cloth enrichment, including nuno-felting, printing/dyeing, stitching and fusing,  In my studio practice, the creation of wearable work carries equal weight to that of interior textiles and "non-functional" art works. Inevitably, each stream cross-fertilizes and enhances work in the other. 

Recent Printed & Textured

Recent Felted


Petal-Una - A Seasonal Micro Artisan Wearable Collection

Petal-una Collection was launched in the Fall of 2012 as an on-going wearable art project involving a number of different textile techniques and materials, including but not limited to felted cloth.   Since its inception, distinctive, one-of-a-kind fabrics are developed each season for Petal-Una's very limited art-to-wear collections. These collections have become a regular and integral part of my creative practice. 

From the Autumn 2017 Collection

From the Autumn 2017 Collection


I have been creating felted artwear since 2006.  This is a gallery of mostly nuno-felted works (and incorporating several printed and textured examples), created in my studio since then, leading up to c. 2015.