Architectural "Tiles"

Like my "canvases", these works are polymerized and hardened around a cradled panel.  Their predominantly rectilinear is ideal for large arrays of similar or mixed thematic groupings, and in some cases mixed dimension.  Unlike the canvases, however, these pieces are designed specifically to respond to interior settings.  Surface designs and palette for both architectural tiles and interior textiles are site- and client-specific.


Pillows, Runners & Throws


Other Textiles

I envision these many of these works transcending barriers between application/use and therefore increasingly prefer not to limit their descriptions too much. While some of these pieces have dimensions which make them suitable for wearing or draping, and others more suited to blanketing or throwing, their uses are often interchangeable - e.g., in some cases, one could easily have a piece on the wall one day and pull it down to wear or throw the next, and so on.